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We discussed about meditation, how to do it. People generally ask, why we don’t feel happy even after meditation.

First and foremost, make it a routine, that meditation is the first thing you do in the morning. Second, the reason being is that you are still moving around your thought processes. Now, what you can do is, observe the process of Breathing. Inhale , Right from the navel, And exhale from the nose, very slowly, observe it, 4-5 times.

By this practice, you will realize, that there is no thought, and you are left with space. And this is exactly, from where we start our journey.

Try to hold that space initially for few seconds, and later you can increase. And there you will find the peace, the happiness. When you connect your psyche with your inner persona, and what people call it as a Soul.

When you connect yourself with the soul, you realize, there is happiness from inside. There is light everywhere. You have found your innermost feelings  finally. No more tensions, no more worries, you are now connected with your own intellect.

And when you find that space, you realize that you are happy when you do meditation. As you have reached the next level.

I started meditating 5 years back and used to concentrate on breathing patterns. Initially, I went off to sleep. Gradually, I had improved. And Now, it has been 2 years, when I meditate, I focus on my “AAGYA CHAKRA” and it goes very well”. It is giving me amazing results.

It is fruitful, if you do it early morning . If you tend to forget, keep a reminder. You can paste a slip near your Bed “Meditate”. It is best if you start your day with meditation.

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