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What is Third Eye or Agya Chakra

As we have talked about 5 chakras previously, now, we are going to discuss on What is Third Eye  or Agya Chakra? The third Eye Chakra or the Ajna is the sixth chakra located in the human body. Agya Chakra is also known as the Sixth Sense. Ajna chakra is located in the middle of both the eyes. This chakra is also known as Agya Chakra and you can awaken the internal powers of the body also with the help of this chakra.

How Third Eye or Agya Chakra Blocked

If your Ajna Chakra is imbalanced, you might face some physical issues related to your eyesight, sinus issues , cervical issues etc.

Other problems might include confusion while taking every decision, don’t know what to do, negative thoughts etc. We feel lot of burden, lot of pains from past, person will be impatient , continuous gloomy feelings etc. Though, there are lot of Third Eye Benefits, very important is, you feel connected with the world. So, you must focus on Third Eye Chakra Healing.

When The Third Eye Chakra is blocked, you feel lonely and disconnected from people who are around you.  You experience an isolation.

Third Eye Chakra is blocked

You can feel a complete separation from the world.

As this chakra connects ourselves with the nature and with the mother earth, you may find yourself very far from all these.

Though, it is very difficult if any of your chakras are blocked. However, you gain so much positivity from all the spheres of life if your chakras are balanced. When these 7 chakras are healed properly, they give you a brighter insight with a better perspective. You will gain so much confidence and overall persona will improve. Moreover, totally new thoughts and optimism reflects from your personality. You can read my post How to Unblock 7 chakras, and you will get an idea of what is it about. In this, I have talked about various techniques to unblock or heal the chakras.

How to Open The Third Eye Chakra

Third eye or Agya Chakra, holds the power of decisiveness. A person is always clear about his goals and aims. He has lot of mental clarity. He is able to take decisions perfectly without delaying it or without any confusion.

Third Eye Mantra

You can chant the Beej Mantra of Third Eye Chakra AUM, by concentrating and meditating on the Chakra point.  It helps us in clarifying our purposes and faith.

Third Eye Yoga and Meditation

You can regularly practice Yoga also. Yoga is very useful in third eye awakening. These Yoga Postures helps in increasing concentration, improves vision and your intuition level too. You can get the power of sixth sense by doing these yoga.

Candle Gazing

This is done by gazing on the flame of a candle. It puts direct pressure on your Ajna Chakra. It is very influential Technique. Another name for candle gazing is Tratak Meditation. I personally do Tratak , and I found its very effective. I use a Tratak Stand to do it in a proper way.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold

This is an inverted position which helps in changing our perception.

Nadi  Shodhana Pranayama

It is a breathing technique but is very useful in harmonising hemispheres of the brain.

Third Eye Stones

Amethyst, Rhodonite and Purple Violet Tourmaline are Third Eye Chakra Crystals which are very effective in opening it.

You can easily get Rhodonite Bracelets which gives good results.

Open The Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms

This is very frequent question asked by people; “what are the signs of third eye opening”? So Basically, if you are clear about the balance and imbalances of the chakras and you know very well about the symptoms. You precisely get an idea, when your third eye chakra starts opening up.

The Third Eye Chakra


Many people also asked, what does it mean to open your Third Eye. It simple means , that your Third Eye chakra is aligning and you start feeling pressure between the eyebrows. You might face headaches too, but no need to worry. It might be a symptom of third eye awakening .It can take you to a higher level of consciousness. Moreover,  the wisdom of a person as well as the intuitive power is  increased.






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