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She is the Counselling Psychologist and Special Educator by profession. She is an IELTS Trainer, English Trainer and Reiki healer too. She has done her majors from Cambridge University, London.…

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What is Reiki

Reiki is a part of healing process or we can say it is an alternative medicine, where healer does scanning and healing of Chakras through palms or hands- on healing .Then, energy is transferred from palms of the Reiki practitioner to the patient.

Reiki is a healing art and it is originated in Japan. It is a Japanese technique for relaxation, for curing ailments(though no research proves that) , to heal the chakras or if you are facing lot of stress, then Reiki helps in it.

It channelizes positive energy in the body. The practitioner places hands on the needy area where healing is required and body takes that positive energy into the required area.

If we do Reiki regularly, we can balance our chakras very well. And all the problems in life like (finances, no name, no fame, no professionalism, no decision making skills, no communication skills etc.) can be solved by doing Reiki regularly. There is no time limit, there is no fixed process.

It’s up to you, if you want to focus on a particular chakra or you scan and heal all the chakras. It’s totally your wish.

The most interesting part is you can energize your food and water also and put positive energies into them.

There are lot of methods to do Reiki. You can physically go the practitioner and believe me, Distance Healing also gives the same result. It was an amazing experience, when I was taking Distance Healing, I used to feel like the practitioner is standing near me. I never felt she is so far from me and this is the time when I started believing in Reiki.

In conclusion, I could just say, Reiki healing improves our Personal and Professional life. It improves the Mental, Social, and Emotional Well-being. A Reiki Attunement can last throughout the life, a person can use, whenever he wants to. What I have experienced, Reiki gives a calmer, relaxed and more peaceful state of being.


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