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What Is An Aura of a Person

Here, we talk about, what is an Aura of a Person. It is basically ,

protecting layer or shield ; the invisible energies that surrounds our

body. In scientific  terms, we can say that it is a type of bio-electromagnetic

field that revolve around us.

It maintains an energy cover around every type of organism and inanimate object.

It is a wonderful gift given by nature which protects us from other invisible evil forces

and from negative energy.

Is It Possible to See Aura

Many people have a desire to know about it, a question comes in your mind. After all,

what does it look like, is it possible to see it?

The answer is Yes. You can see the Aura with kirlian photography. With the help of this

technology, people can see the aura present around any substance or organism.

Aura is not a physical object. It is impossible to see it with normal eyes. As a result,

it is difficult for everyone to understand it.

What Is An Aura

In the earlier times, people associated with spirituality understood it well. People who used

to do meditation and yoga, mostly, sages, they used to have very broad Auras.

Now a Days, if you learn Reiki, you can feel others’ Aura and you will be able to maintain

your Aura as well.

Its 7 colors reveal information regarding your well being and psychic

How to Use It

Nature is full of many kinds of mysteries that are not easy for everyone to understand.

We know as much about the atmosphere around us that we can see and feel with normal eyes.

But there are many things in nature that we cannot see. Most people do not believe in all these

things. It includes many negative energies also. The work of aura is to save them from these

negative energies.

What Is An Aura

It is a cover made by nature that protects organisms from evil waves. It acts like a shield,

but it cannot be seen with normal eyes.

Nature helps us all the time to create a completely favorable environment. Nature walks

by making its own balance and protects us every moment from the invisible negative energy

that is not visible here.

Heal Your Aura


What Is An Aura

Everyday, we meet so many people and our aura connects with others. Sometimes, after a

gathering, or meeting or after a hectic day schedule; you feel completely irritated and

aggressive. Your energy is completely lost and you feel so stressed up.

What could be the ground? The answer is, we exchange our Auras, when we meet people.

We interchange energies and as a result, our Aura gets weakened. So, we need to maintain

and heal our Aura regularly.

It is mandatory for us now a days, specially, if we are working.

For this, we can do meditation daily, indeed, if we meditate for every chakra, that would

give us the best result.

Reiki gives us excellent results in healing the Aura.

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