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Root Chakra Healing

Root Chakra Healing, is salient ( important ) for the overall cultivation

( development ) of a human being. Our  Root chakra or the Muladhara Chakra is

one of the primary chakras and symbolizes Lotus.  Its color is red.

It is the base of all the chakras.

All other chakras are based on it, therefore this chakra is known as the Root chakra.

When it is unbalanced, Root Chakra Healing needs to be done . Otherwise ,a person often

starts suffering from problems like depression.

He often feels helpless and loses his temper and  confidence. It has a lot of

importance in the human body. Indeed, if your Muladhara Chakra is balanced,

it will be so rewarding for you.

Benefits of Balancing the Root  Chakra

Unblocking and healing this chakra has many benefits. Under this you feel connected

to natural things, you are full of confidence and feel courageous. Moreover, it is related

to earth, air, water, fire, and other natural objects.

When Root Chakra healing is done, a person understands his worth.

He accepts himself as he is. In fact, he starts taking things in a positive manner.

It helps him in connecting to the Earth . He gets the opportunity to feel rooted ( established).

It increases the desire to live life and gives strength to a normal person. Qualities like security

and courage are born in a person.

Moreover, the person feels healthy . At the same time , laziness from

the body moves out. The person is ready to do even difficult work. Interestingly,

he is ready to face even challenges. He becomes Optimistic.

When the Root Chakra is Imbalanced

Since Muladhara Chakra is the main chakra of the human body, all other chakras

are also connected to it. So, due to the deterioration (unbalancing )  of this chakra,

there are many types of problems start occurring.

Later, bad or negative thoughts start coming into the mind. When the situation

gets worse, the person starts thinking of committing suicide even.

lack of courage and confidence

Apart from this, there is a lack of courage and confidence in a person.

Due to which the person does not trust anyone quickly. In addition, many

types of physical problems like sluggishness, fatigue, pain, fever, etc. start

which makes a person weak.

As a result, the person starts thinking ,that he is a burden, he has no reason

to live life etc.

How to Balance the Muladhara Chakra

As you know, Muladhara Chakra is the center of integrity; you may end up

arrogance and low confidence in the case of unbalancing.

Follow these steps, it will help you in aligning your Chakra back :-

  1. You need to connect yourself with the earth.
  2. You can walk barefoot on the grass.
  3. Include some red food items in your meal.
  4.  Sit for meditation under a tree.
  5.  Eat food by sitting on earth.
  6. You can do some farming related work like gardening at home etc.
  7. Yoga postures are also good to balance this chakra.
  8. Pedicure is also a good option .


In general, we are talking here about the Root Chakra Healing. It is very

important for the prosperity of a human being. Muladhara Chakra  is also associated

with the possibilities of living life such as basic needs like food, water, shelter  etc.


This chakra needs to be healed and  balanced  properly to keep ourselves in the growing direction. Life is one and it is our right to live it to its fullest.


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