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Optimism vs Pessimism

Do we really know what is Optimism and what is Pessimism? These are very short terms but can describe the personality of an individual.

So, first we will discuss about Optimism. Optimism is an attitude/hope/feeling of good /positive/desirable results or outcomes. In other words, feeling of future to be good or successful.

People who are optimistic are not every time disappointed because they see the situations and its results in a better way.

Here is something which you can expect being an optimistic:


  1. More Happier-Optimistic people are more happier because they imagine beneficial events and expect them to happen sooner. These imaginations increases the expectation, which is much more greater than the event. It is a fact that sense of positive attitude about the future makes us happy and thankful in the present.


  1. Positive emotions increases– Optimists, since are much happier, they build positive emotions for everyone. They have a self-esteem and a positive spirit, more liveliness and high dignity. All these constructive and helpful emotions must scatter everywhere so that their vibrations must reach each and every person which would be liked by others too.


  1. Healthy Relationships– Happiness and good emotions will automatically lead to a better relationship.


  1. Less Negative emotions– It has been observed that optimists experience less melancholy and anxiety. People who are depressed have a feeling of helplessness and that they do not have their control on their lives. Contrast to it, optimism brings a sense of hopefulness and confidence which do not let negative emotions to take place.


  1. Good Health– Optimism boosts the body’s immune system to fight with deadly diseases like cancer and lessen the probability of being infected with any diseases. Happiness and hope of good is the key to good health.


  1. Good Coping Skills-An optimist have high coping skills as they are full of positive emotions and thoughts and always think for a desirable result in the most condemning situation.


Now , let us discuss about Pessimism. It is basically the opposite of Optimism. It is a negative mental state where we expect wrong or bad things to happen from a given situation.

As we have read before that optimists have a tendency to give importance to the positive aspects and hope for good outcomes; pessimists have totally opposite behavior. They highlight the negative aspects and expect the results to be worse. This behavior of pessimists let them not dream big and always let them down. They don’t even magnify the positive points in them but tends to focus on the negative points. Here are some points which clearly makes difference between an optimistic and a pessimist. Following are the drawbacks of too much pessimism:


  1. Less Happier– Studies have proven that pessimists are much less happier than optimists. They imagine situations which increases the negative aspects and the results which are not likely favorable.


  1. More Negative Emotions- Bad thoughts will likely increase if a person is just focusing on the adverse effects of a situation.


  1. Anxiety and Depression– Worst scenario thinking, excessive worry are the key symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  2. Bad Health– Negative emotions and negative thoughts will never contribute in person’s good health. These thoughts will create a sense of helplessness, isolation, reduced well being and sometimes even bring life to an end.
  3. More Stress and Less Coping Skills– Pessimists have a tendency to look on the negative parts of their life with much less focus on the positive parts. This increases the stress level within them and ultimately no life satisfaction. Also, a pessimist has lesser coping skills to the challenging events.

So, now , we can clearly make differences between Optimism and Pessimism. So, “Be an Optimist and not a Pessimist.”

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