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She is the Counselling Psychologist and Special Educator by profession. She is an IELTS Trainer, English Trainer and Reiki healer too. She has done her majors from Cambridge University, London.…

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Meditation is, in simple words, become thoughtless, for few seconds or minutes or hours even .  It is a technique or a practice activity , to focus on a particular object. It is done to get relaxation, calmness etc. Students do meditation to improve their concentration. It helps them to enhance their attention span in class.

If you meditate regularly, you start loving yourself, you develop a very kind, calm nature within one own self. You start getting more close to inner psyche.

By the time, you start realizing, that all the anger, frustration is slowly going down and down everyday. And you feel very light.  The  quality of forgiveness might be developed. There will be a big change in your attitude.


  • Helps in reducing stress.
  • Controls anxiety
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves sleep
  • Provides relaxation
  • Creates Self- awareness


  1. Sit or lie down comfortably at a place with no noise or any kind of distractions.
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Breathe Naturally
  4. Focus on your breathing process, inhalation and Exhalation

You can start with 2 minutes or even less than that, and slowly and slowly you can increase the timings.

Don’t fight with your thoughts, when they arise. It’s natural phenomenon, our mind is full of conceptions. Gradually, your mind will start keeping them aside and you will be better able to concentrate on breathing.

I have seen students, who complain,“ Mam, it’s not possible”, some go to sleep, some start laughing….. it all happens because our mind is so much overburdened with mental pictures.

It’s time to clear out now.

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