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Mantra for Heart Chakra

The Beej Mantra for Heart Chakra is Yam. For the good results, either chant it aloud or slowly internally. The heart Chakra, is also known as Anahata Chakra .

It is the fourth main chakra and is related to the relationships that connect with the heart. It is also associated with the inner feelings of a person.

This chakra is related to relationships and unconditional love. Apart from this, it is  associated  with feelings like forgiveness, kindness and love.

It is located near the heart, at the center of the chest. That is why it is all about love and compassion.

Imbalanced Heart Chakra

If Anahata Chakra becomes intensely unbalanced, then the person is not able to control his emotions. In such a situation, his anger starts ruling out on him  .

Imbalanced Heart Chakra

Many emotions like love, jealousy, revenge, anger become imbalanced in the mind. Due to this feeling, there is often a rift in the relationship .

In such a condition, many times a person loses many of his relationships. The person’s irritable nature can be seen. And he starts to feel alone.

The passion towards the one whom he loves, starts elevating day by day making other person uncomfortable. And this result in losing his friends.

What Stops the Heart Chakra?

Often a person is surrounded by many problems in his life, in such a situation he forgets to take time for himself . And he starts losing his mental strength and increasing anger day by day; which lead him to even more problems .

In the absence of a moment of peace, it becomes a vicious circle then. And all the 7 chakras start facing problems.

You casually take things, and ignore them. But after some time, it becomes a serious issue of our life. And then, we feel, there is time out and we become helpless.

Heart Chakra Healing

Anahata Chakra can  heal in many ways. One should pay attention since this chakra is related to greenery, so staying connected with nature might help us in balancing this chakra.

Heart Chakra Healing Meditation

Heart Chakra Healing Meditation

You can chant with the Seed mantra, just close your eyes, concentrate on the chakra and feel the green light near the heart moving, revolving and getting brighter. This way, you can balance , heal and meditate the Anahata Chakra.


You can use similar affirmation for self love like:-

  • My heart is open towards love.
  • I choose love every day.
  • My heart is free from all past traumas and emotions
  • I am being loved by others.

Yoga Postures

Yoga works like a heart opener, especially for those who fail to forgive others. They find it difficult to let go off the past. They have to face an inability to love. These poses help them to unlock the Heart Chakra:-

  1. Wheel Pose
  2. Bridge Pose
  3. Upward Facing Dog Pose
  4. Bow Pose

Healing Music

You can use Healing music and frequencies for heart chakra, for healthy relationships. It connects with intimacy.


There are some stones available for heart chakra like Green Jade, Emerald,  Amazonite. These stones help in aligning the Anahata Chakra.

Opening Symptoms

We will be able to enjoy our life with our family members. We will smile, laugh and enjoy.

Our Past Grievances will  release. We will be able to cover up through past traumas.

Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms


We can control our emotions well. And we can take good  decisions. Our Emotional State will be in a firm condition.

Very important, we will be Emotionally Intelligent, which is an essential ingredient of professional life. It means , we will be able to balance personal and professional life very well.




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