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How to Unblock Your 7 chakras

Everything present in nature is made up of energy. “How to Unblock Your 7 Chakras”, this question has been asked in many ways. It has been told in our culture that the main form of energy is present in the human body .It is present in the form of seven chakras . Normally these chakras are not under the control of a human being. But we can oversee them, if we regularly do yoga, meditation , reiki etc.

Then, we start getting an idea lately, that which chakra is going imbalanced or which one is giving fruitful results. Our life, karmas are totally related to these chakras. Since these chakras are connected to the senses, so to use these chakras they have to be unblocked. Let us understand through this article “how to unblock Your7 chakras”.

  1. Reiki

Reiki is one of the technique to scan, balance and heal your chakras. It is a type of healing technique, through which we can build a healthy aura and balance our chakras very well. If we do reiki daily, we can easily open all the blocked chakras, and we will soon realize a big change in our life. You can go through the book  on Reiki, written by Abhishek Thakore & Usha Thakore . Actually, all this work depends on faith and believe. If we believe in it, universe will give us the results. We cannot see the chakras, aura with the naked eye. I personally use  bracelet , which has stone for every chakra. And, this is just wonderful. I can feel, that it is really working. You can only feel the vibrations very strongly at those particular chakra points.


  1. Yoga

To keep the body fit and healthy, it is very important to have physical activity. Many people do yoga to keep the body healthy. Yoga has an important place in Ayurveda. Apart from keeping the body fit through yoga, it is also linked to spirituality. We can take care of our body parts too with the help of Yoga. This frame will help you in getting the right yoga postures.

When you do yoga, it calms your mind and a calm mind helps to awaken the inner forces. So doing yoga plays a major role in unblocking the chakras. For example: – Daily practicing Surya Namaskar can unblock your Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra.


  1. By collecting energy through the breath or Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing is very old technique to collect energy for the body and to unblock the chakras. The body of a human being needs to breathe to survive. Usually, every person keeps breathing as long as he is alive. But through these breaths, we can activate the internal energy of the body by using the breath properly. We can activate the chakras, it can be possible by connecting the breath with the mind. For the better results, you can use Buddhist Singing Bowl. And this really helps in concentrating at  much better pace. If we focus it with full energy, and practicing it daily, it will give us amazing results. Regular practice of Om through deep breathing helps in unblocking our Ajana or Third Eye Chakra.

Deep Breathing


  1. Meditation

In the past, many saints specially Mahatmas who used to meditate to connect themselves with spirituality. People can awaken their inner powers through meditation. Furthermore, you can control the senses with the help of meditation .You will have full control over your desires. Moreover, you will be able to improve your willpower.

Meditation has a huge contribution to our culture, people have used Meditation since long time ago. it is a little difficult to concentrate in the beginning. If you are little bit confused, first read this book “A Million Thoughts ” which is written by Om Swami. This book will guide you , what all it is about. When you start practicing it, the strength of unconscious mind starts increasing, which helps in awakening the chakras.

In the conclusion, I would suggest you personally, do everything, what all I discussed here.

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

It will  give you amazing results. Go for yoga during the dawn, when you can listen the chirping of birds. You can feel the freshness in air. Do deep breathing. Also, you can do reiki, meditation at any time. There is no time bondages. But, main part is, when you don’t get disturbed by anyone, you will soon get the results. Walk barefoot on the grass, it will help you in aligning the Root Chakra.


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