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How to Open and Balance Crown Chakra

How to Open and Balance Crown Chakra, many people ask this question. So, first you need to understand, what is Crown Chakra. Crown chakra or Sahasrara is the seventh chakra in the human body. This chakra is located above the head, at very top in the human body. It does not have any special color, some consider it as white or violet. Crown Chakra is most important in comparison to all the other chakras.   Crown Chakra is directly connected to the wisdom, enlightenment. It has a  universal connection with full consciousness.

Sahasrara Chakra connects the person with spirituality; hence this chakra is also called the Door of Spirituality.  How to Open and Balance Crown Chakra  is very important to understand and connect with spirituality in life.

the Crown Chakra

There are various ways to Open and Balance Crown Chakra. But first and very important is Meditation. You meditate, meditate and meditate. The more you meditate , the higher the chances of opening your Sahasrara Chakra.

  • You can choose a Calm environment for crown chakra healing meditation.
  • Put your hands on your laps, sit straight.
  • Now you can visualize a Thousand –Petaled Lotus at the top of your head.
  • Imagine a light is flowing down all over the body.

Some people don’t like meditation or they get upset while doing it. Read more about it in my post on the Meditation.

Crown Chakra Sound Therapy 

Everything on this planet and on the Universe has some frequency due to which it vibrates. Our Chakras also have a frequency of its color, sound and vibration. When these chakras are aligned, they play a melodious and emits beautiful vibrations. Crown chakra healing frequency is 768Hz, on the top of the Head and is violet in color. You can use Sounds at this frequency to maintain the optimal frequency levels of Chakras. For Sound Therapy, I personally use Crystal Singing Bowl, which is very effective. It comes out with incredible results.

Crown Chakra Affirmations

 These affirmations will help you to Open and Balance  the Crown Chakra:-

  • I always welcome new ideas.
  • I am valuable of Love
  • The privilege of Divine  is present within me
  • I reside in the present moment
  • I am attached with the wisdom of the universe

Yoga for the Crown Chakra

Some yoga postures are very helpful in Crown Chakra Awakening. I am writing some of them:-

  1. Padmasana ( Lotus Stance)
  2. Savasana (Corpse Posture)
  3. Makarasana ( Crocodile Posture)
  4. Gomukhasana ( Cow Face Posture)

Crystals for the Crown Chakra

There are some crystals which help in healing the crown Chakra. These are:-

  • Moonstone
  • Lepidolite
  • Sugilite
  • Selenite
  • Amethyst

These are highly spiritual .These crystals gives calmness serenity and clarity of thoughts . These crystals help you take to the next level of spirituality.

the Crown Chakra

What is Crown Chakra Responsible For

Crown Chakra gives access to the enlightenment and spiritual wisdom. This chakra is the meeting point of our physical body with the soul. It  gives a clarity of our own self. Crown Chakra welcomes the gratitude in your life.

Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms

You feel a direct connection with the God. The intuitive power  improves. People find themselves connected with you. Your positivity works like a magnet and attracts people towards you. Each and every word is heard carefully. There is a shine on your face always. Your aura gets bigger and bigger.

Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms

You feel very relaxed and peaceful within yourself. You will find yourself to be able to forgive others. Your perception changes and you see the world like a stage .




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