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Home Remedy for Leucorrhoea( White Discharge ) in girls

Leucorrhoea is a medical condition where a woman experiences vaginal discharge. It is a frequent gynaecological complaint. It is a common problem, which is found in girls quite often. It is basically a white or yellow discharge of mucus from vagina, which is mostly smelly and thick.

Sometimes, it is difficult to say, whether it is a vaginal discharge or some yeast infection. Also, it doesn’t have a strong foul odor. But it could have mild smell.

At some places, Medical Sciences believe it is absolutely normal; it can originate during menses or during pregnancy. However, at some places, it is a sign of infection especially if the discharge is yellow or green color, has foul odor and it consists of irritation, pain, itching and sometimes inflammation too.

The etiology of this problem varies, depending on various factors. Some girls face this issue because of hormonal changes, infection with bacteria, not maintaining hygiene, and lack of nutritious food which imbalances the PH level in girls.

So Friends, We will discuss a home remedy which has been experienced by so many ladies already and have benefitted from it.

First of all, we need ½ bowl rice and add 2 glasses of water in it. Let it boil for 7-10 min. When water remains half, separate the rice from water. Let the water cool for 5 min. And after that, drink water like tea. Rice water should be thick enough. So, just check the consistency also.

You need to drink this water 2 times in a day. Always prepare it fresh. Take this regularly for 10-15 days. And you will realize that the problem of Leucorrhoea will completely vanish.

I have seen ladies who tried Rice Water for 15 days and now, it’s been 5-6 years, they haven’t faced this problem again.

So, if you are also having the same issue, why don’t you try this home remedy at least once.

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